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Young Achievers Award Recipients  

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(*Young Achievers of the Year)

Maci Brede

Grades 5-7

Lilly Barber, IA
*Maci Brede, TN
Morgan Dyer, KY
Stella Fox, KY
Aidan Ives, KY
Evi Maxson, KY
Kamran Mulligan, KY
Gage Petrick, NE
Emelie Powell, TN
Hayden Scott, KY
Briel Taylor, NE
Amelia Whited, NE


Evan August

Grades 8-10

*Evan August, IL
Jason Chen, KY
Megan Klose, KY
Peytyn West, IL


(*Young Achievers of the Year)

Aurora Green

Grades 5-7

Henry Allen, KY
Katerina Colwell, TN
Chloe Crouse, TN
*Aurora Green, KY
Olivia Hedge, KY
Thomas Lirot, KY
Cassie Rickerson, KY


Elaan Bader

Grades 8-10

Grace Andrews, MO
*Elaan Bader, IL
Carter Boggess, KY
Samuel Christensen, KY
Flyn Kehm, MO
Cara Maisel, KY
Hadley Whipple, KY


(*Young Achievers of the Year)

Eric Shackelford

Grades 5-7

Sloan Adams, TN
Mahek Bhakta, IL
Logan Boling, KY
Emma Cubberly, TN
Izzy Lewis, KY
Peyton Prichard, KY
*Eric Shackelford, IL
Alexander Stumbur, KY

Nate Feese

Grades 8-10

Keegan Christensen, KY
*Nathan Feese, KY
Jackson Gonzales, KY
Will Mason, MO
Malea Rak, IL
Natalie Schory, KY
Ronan Stork, IL

(*Young Achievers of the Year)

Helen Harper

Grades 5-7

John Edlin, KY
Isabella Galavotti, KY
*Helen Harper, TN
Chloe Hornback,KY
Brock Kaczmarek, KY
Megan Mueller, IL
Logan Oody, TN
Abigail Sampson, IL
Julian Trentman, IL

Chad Briden

Grades 8-10

Nic Bevins, TN
*Chad Briden, MO
Luke Campbell, KY
Jamesia Crawford, MO
Lauren Depa, KY
Rowan Goble, APO Japan
Kaleigh Graham, KY
Lukas Liljegren, IL
Lyla Pitarro, TN
Connor Wilkerson, KY



(*Young Achievers of the Year)


Victoria Sullivan

Grades 5-7

Madeline Rae Brahler, IL
Cameron Haag, IL
Zachary Lee, TN
Thor Newsome, KY
Mia Saenz, KY
Weslea Ann Smith, KY
Adelyn Thompson, KY
*Victoria Sullivan, PA

Kathleen Botterbush

Grades 8-10

*Kathleen Botterbush, IL
Kevin Castro, TN
Elora Mukhopadhyay, KY
Abby Rich, KY
Braeton Richardson, IL
Parker Smith, KY
Allison Tripure, KY
Ashley Wicks, MO

(*Young Achievers of the Year)


Graham Wilson

Charis Ardila, TX
McKayla Bogda, MO
Jake Breunig, KY
Dawniella Camero, KY
Will Feese, KY
Kelsie Frazier, MO
Kelsey Ginger, MO
Kacie Hughes, KY
Lidya Indrajaya, TN
Amber Keys, MO
*Avery Lewis, NC

Avery Lewis

Christopher Ord, IL
Hannah Perry, KY
Kylee Poole, TN
Kamilah Ragland, KY
Preston Self, KY
Elisa Senno, IL
Isabella Staley, IL
Grayson Thurman, KY
Mackenzie Williams, IL
*Graham Wilson, KY


(*Young Achievers of the Year)

Lauren Bolt

Katie Fitzgerald

Bryan Trelow

Nathan Backstron, IL
Dylan Benton, KY
Maria Blackstone, KY
Lauren Bolt, KY*
Andrew Cox, KY
Sinclaire Davis, MO
Victoria DeTolla, VA
Seth DeVary, KY
Katie Fitzgerald, AB Canada*
Danielle Folkerts, IL
Alexis Grimes, KY
Zariah Jackson, KY
Amritha Jayashankan, WI
Aparna Jayashankan, WI

Addison Jennings, KY
Olivia Martin, MO
Hannah McCloud, TN
Joey McFarland, KY
Darcy Neier, MO
Cody Pearman, KY
Arundhati Pillai, WI
Robrina Rodger, KY
Delaney Shuffett, MO
Madison Stone, IL
Bryan Trelow, IL*
Jacod Tufts, TN
Loreal Williams, MA
Mahin Zaman, KY

Katie Fitzgerald (centre) receives her Young Achiever award from ILN executive director Thomas Eichhorst on Saturday at St. Albert Place while St. Albert Mayor Nolan Crouse looks on. (GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader)

Volunteer named Young Achiever

July 17, 2013 in St. Albert Leader

A young St. Albert volunteer now has an international award to go along with the local ones she has racked up so far this year.

Katie Fitzgerald, 15, who is going into Grade 11 this fall at Paul Kane High School, has already taken home a Leaders of Tomorrow award and an International Women’s Day award from the Baha’i Community of St. Albert in 2013. But, on Saturday, she topped those with the Young Achiever Award from the International Leadership Network, becoming the first Canadian student and one of 28 from across North America to win the honour.

“It’s a huge honour,” said Fitzgerald, who was nominated for the award by her mother. “I wasn’t expecting it. It was really, really cool to get.”

Even cooler was being the only recipient north of the 49th parallel.

“It makes me proud to be Canadian,” she said.

While all 28 were recognized as Young Achievers, Fitzgerald was one of just three students to receive a $500 cash prize in recognition of special accomplishments.

Fitzgerald is involved in a number of organizations in the Capital Region. She helped create a year-round bottle drive for the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, participated in the Raise the Roof event for Homeless Connect, and has volunteered for many local events, including the RunWild marathon, the Kids of Steel triathlon, the Walk In Her Shoes program, Family Day festivities, the River Valley Picnic and many others. She is also a member of the Building Assets and Memories (BAM) youth group run by the City of St. Albert.

While she doesn’t volunteer for awards like this one, Fitzgerald said it is nice to be recognized once in a while.

“That’s not the reason I do it; that’s just a cool plus that comes with it,” she said.

[NOTE: The Leader of Tomorrow is a Canadian award separate from the ILN program for high school juniors.]


Zachary Certner

Rowan Goble

Aaron Martin

Isabelle Adams, MO
Jaylen Bledsoe, MO
Megan Bucol, MO
Zachary Certner, NJ*
Miranda Cowan, MO
Rhiannon Dressel-Beattie, FL
Kylie Farace, MO
Elliot Fischer, MO
Rowan Goble, OH*
Jacob Gringle, KY
Gracie Hall, KY
Abbegail Holdinghausen, MO
Ryan Hopkins, MO
Abril Hunter, IL
Alison Knowles, IL

Kristen Law, MI
Grace Lay, MO
Samuel Lyles, IL
Aaron Martin, KY*
Trinity Mills, MO
Christian Porter, IL
Michael Rieger, KY
Olivia Rohatgi, MO
Pravina Samaratunga, MA
Madyson Saulsberry, TX
Marlee Senderowitz, PA
Ashley Sincox, MO
Victoria STeele, KY
Rifaa Tajani, TX
Shama Tajani, TX

Larry Beasley, KY
Francesca Butler, IL
Brandon Cecil, KY
Miranda Deonofrio, FL
Ronnie Fitzgerald, Jr., KY
Spencer Floyd, KY
Ryan Glover, IL
Maren Johnson, SD
Michael Klein, MO
Madison Lee, KY
Joseph Machado, CA
Ishan Mandani, FL
Zachary Molinelli, FL

MacKenzie Moss, KY
Ananya Murali, WI
Anjana Murali, WI
Gabrielle Pathrose, OH
Joshua Pathrose, OH
Benjamin Randolph, MO
Amanda Reese, TN
Brett Renken, MO
Nathaniel Roberson, MO
Janis Rogers, KY
Jennifer Ruben, FL
*Conner Ruhl, IL
Abhinav Saikia, NJ
*Naomi See, MO
Tyjuan Sims, MI
Tysean Sims, MI
Jonathan Smith, TN
Kristin Swope, TX
Stephen Teepe, MO
Kalpana Vaidya, TX
Poonam Vaidya, TX
Zora Vredeveld, IL
Abby Warden, MO
Cody Watts, KY
*Zachary Zamaniego, TX

*indicates Young Achievers of the Year

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